My Skills


Branding is the foundation of a business identity. But it’s more than just creating a striking visual appearance, it’s also crafting a personality. Consistency in branding is critical to maintaining a brand’s core values and market edge while the business grows in revenue, team and scale.

UI/UX Design

Focusing on the user in UI/UX Design is making the experience crystal clear. Intuitive design is simple. Efficient. Easy. The user doesn’t need explanation, instructions or some big manual. When the design is great, the site or app journey can become a saga filled with discoveries.

Web Design

Websites are often where the first real impression is made. Think of them as reception desks or lobbies. Designing and building a well-functioning website is a work of art. The best sites lead to conversion by creating lasting memories that draw clients and customers back again and again.

Graphic Design

Our world is shaped by graphic design. It’s a true craft with a rich, ancient history that’s formed how we communicate and how we receive information. But it’s not just about logos, colours and type. Graphic design is an ever-evolving art form that’s paving the way for our digital future.


When a photo isn’t enough, motion can tell a story like nothing else. Video and animation breathe value into your brand, adding richness, emotion or just straight-up entertainment. With great production, videos and animation are gripping, eye-popping and can potentially reach millions.


Good ideas often hide in the digital wilds. The process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like building a private highway to your website, driving people to you. But it’s not just a path. SEO gives insight into the brand’s audience, industry and how to engage in ways that convert.

Project Management

If a project was successful, it’s most likely that it was well-managed. Good project management is about efficiency, accuracy and understanding evolving expectations. Defining goals, scope, timeframe, outcomes and budget are critical, and they require knowledge gained through experience.


Images freeze emotions in moments of time. Photos have the power to transcend words, no matter how they’re used. In marketing, photos can give meaning to a brand’s values, but pointed at broader societal issues, they can raise awareness, stimulate action and even impact policy change.

Image Editing

There is usually a gap between imagination and reality. But today’s image editing tools can erase that gap quickly and efficiently. In the right hands, these tools can shape and enhance a brand’s visual reality, opening up a path to limitless possibilities for imagination and expression.

My Friends

Over time you meet wonderful and creative people that you want to keep close in work and in life. Here are the cast of characters who I’m honored to call colleagues.

Dan Sloan

The true sensei of code. Dan Sloan is a full stack Software Developer from Melbourne, Australia. Dan loves the world of programming in all languages and forms. With over 15 years of experience, he is a true digital magician.

Anna Grönkvist

The commander of optimization. Anna Grönkvist is a copywriter and SEO specialist from Malmö, Sweden. Anna has a passion for trend and tone-of-voice writing and can do so at super human speed with incredible accuracy.

Niklas Lindgren

The champion of creativity. Niklas Lindgren is a videographer and content producer from Knivsta, Sweden. Niklas has a truly unique background combining performing arts and project management.

Sarah Thorén

The master of light and composition. Sarah Thorén is an incredible photographer from Uppsala, Sweden. Sarah’s photography and image editing skills are nothing short of amazing.

Saleh Najib

The wizard of dimensions. Saleh Najib is a 3D artist from Uppsala, Sweden. Saleh can bring anything to life in the world of 3D and visual effects (VFX). Not only a skilled artist, but Saleh has an extraordinary eye for detail.

Victor Regnér

The ruler of law. Victor Regnér is a lawyer and web hosting specialist from Stockholm, Sweden. Victor is an essential asset when it comes to anything related to policies and regulations regarding the webb.